Here at Pacific Palms Property, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best to our tenants/clients, be it residential, industrial or otherwise. Below you will find a list of our services and more, as we constantly strive to ensure our tenants/clients are receiving the very best from us:


All our residential properties are nestled in prime locations and are maintained to exceptional standards, in line with international standards. Our commercial, industrial & retail properties are central and strategically located, ideal to support the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations.


All our properties and apartment units are equipped with reliable security alarm systems which is further complemented by 24/7 security patrol, our security personnel are tasked to monitor the grounds and walk around every 30 minutes. Pacific Palms Property has fortnightly meetings with both the security as well as the alarm monitoring companies.


All our properties are family-friendly with pools and BBQ (equipped with gas supply) facilities which are checked and cleaned 3 times a week for the safety and convenience of our tenants.


A reliable reserve water supply system in each location ensures uninterrupted water supply for up to 3 days in the event of a shut down from the main water supply. A water truck is also on stand-by 24/7. Each property has standby power generation and is backed by an on-call contractor 24/7.


All our apartments are equipped with quality furniture and furniture is replaced when the need arises. Our tenants are given a choice of bedding configurations to suit their needs.


All our properties are equipped with quality branded white goods with an energy rating of 3 or more to ensure reliability & efficiency of power usage. Faulty white goods are replaced immediately once reported to Pacific Palms Property Repair & Maintenance team.


All our apartments are fitted with split type air conditioning units and are individually operated, for optimum convenience and comfort. Air conditioning units are serviced on a monthly basis & any faults reported will be attended to immediately.


Hitron Cable TV service is provided in all apartment units on a complementary basis. Hitron provides over 100 channels.


Minor repairs are carried out by our own highly trained R&M team. For all other repair & maintenance works, carefully selected contractors are engaged to provide effective and efficient solutions – all contractors are supervised by our R&M Manager and team of supervisors.


Wheelie bins for garbage & recyclable materials are provided at each residential property. These bins are emptied every 2 days by a contractor engaged by Pacific Palms Property to ensure the surroundings are clean and hygienic. This service is provided at selected commercial properties as well.


Elevators at all our properties are maintained on a monthly basis to ensure reliability and efficiency.


Pest control treatments are carried out every 3 months at all our residential properties. Commercial properties with kitchens are also treated once every 3 months to ensure the surroundings of all our properties are pest free & hygienic.


All gardening & flower garden maintenance works are carried out by PNG Gardeners regularly to ensure landscaping needs at all our residential and commercial properties are well taken care of.